Update Status

Once a buyer purchases an item or win a bid. (The Buyer should normally pay within 48hours - for WON AUCTION, Buy Now Items can be paid on delivery)

After the buyer pays (the payment is held with eBoso)

All paid item will apear under the "Sold" tab (Seller can now package item and post it to buyer or taken to our drop off centre {if they are to be delivered by eBoso})
(for self fulfilments - please ensure all posted items can be tracked)

Status  Update >> Mark Item as posted, by clicking on the SHIP and updating the shiping information or by using the communication timeline to mark item as "Posted"<<

Once the item is delivered, (buyer should normally mark item as delivered)
(seller can also mark item as delivered from within their account or through the communication timeline, once they are sure the item has been delivered)
(If a buyer choses to pick the item up from the seller, they must give a PICK UP CODE to the seller at the point of collection)

Status  Update >> Mark item as "delivered", through the communication timeline or by clicking on the SHIP and updating the shiping information<<

Return Policy Period (The return policy period start counting down once item is marked as delivered)
(Payment will be released to seller once the return policy time expires, or on the day of delivery if the seller has marked return policy period as 0 [zero - No return allowed])