Update Status

Once a buyer Win an AUCTION or purchase an item. (Seller packages item and post it to buyer)


When buyer receives (check that the item is in the stated condition, if not contact seller immediately)
(Buyers are expected to go online to update items status)

Status  Update >> Mark Item as Reecived, by clicking on the SHIP and updating the shiping information<<


If you decide to retun the item to seller for any reason, (Try to contact the seller first to discuss the situation with them)
(once a seller agree with the return, [during return policy period only] you must then post the item to seller as agreed)
(sellers are not allowed to pick up a return item from buyer's house, and buyers will be responsible for the postage cost of all returned items and must remember to update the return icon [arrow] to enter returned item information)

Status  Update >> Mark Item as returned, by clicking on the ARROW and updating the return information<<