eBoso is a  website that is owned and operated by eBoso Technologies. It is a marketplace that enables users to buy, sell and make and accept offer on different types of product across a range of categories in Africa, especially Nigeria. This platform is meant to facilitate transaction between buyers and sellers.

eBoso reserves the right to modify, change or remove any part thereof of these terms and conditions.


Using eBoso   

eBoso MAY provide listing, shipping, pricing and other advisory guide. These guides are purely informational and are left to the discretion of the users. Also, while we may help to facilitate the resolution of disputes through various programs, eBoso has no control over and does not guarantee the existence, quality, safety or legality of items advertised; the truth or accuracy of users' content or listings; the ability of sellers to sell items; the ability of buyers to pay for items; or that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction or return an item.

In case of suspected abuse of eBoso platform, we reserve the right to suspend, limit or terminate your access to our services. This could also lead to removal and delisting of content, removal of any discount and adopting technical and (or) legal means to prevent you from using eBoso services. Furthermore, eBoso has the sole right to deny or cancel anybody’s usage of our services, which may be done at our own discretion.

Accounts that has remained dormant for a long time or unconfirmed stands the risk of being cancelled or denied access to eBoso services, this can be done in part or in full and at our discretion.


Membership Eligibility and Registration

eBoso platform is open to ONLY persons that are 18 years and above. If we have any reason to believe that the user of our services is below the age of eighteen (18), eBoso reserves the right to deny access and (or) cancel that membership forthwith.


By registering with eBoso you agree to provide genuine and accurate information that are truthful. If eBoso discovers that the information provided are not complete, genuine, accurate, current and runs contrary to the terms and conditions of use, we have the right to deny access, cancel or suspend indefinitely the person’s access to eBoso services.


Every registered member is solely responsible for the maintenance of the confidentiality of his or her User ID and Password


Prohibited actions on eBoso

Unauthorized Copying - example: items infringing copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights.


Listing/Selling Conditions

Below are the conditions you must agree to when you are listing items on eBoso;

  • The accuracy and content of item offered are SOLELY your responsibility.
  • eBoso reserves the right to delist any content that does not conform to our listing policies.          
  • eBoso as a marketplace is meant to ensure buyers find their choice items hence listing arrangement, placement or appearance in search and browse results will have this consideration in mind
  • Seller must display a return policy period from 0 (none) to 30days.
  • Seller must provide at least one means of delivery
  • List of prohibited items

             Any items prohibited by the National and the International community are not allowed to be sold on eBoso;


             Examples of such items may include:

                Any game of chance that promote giveaways, random drawings, raffles, or prizes

                Offensive Weapon  - example: Firearms, Knuckle duster.

                Offensive images and literatures - example: Racial, Religious.

                Prohibited services, example: Of sexual nature

                Intellectual property material - example: items infringing trademarks rights.

                Replicas, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies


Listing on eBoso is FREE of charge (for both the platform listing and the store , however a seller may decide to opt for listing extra which are charged at a set fees).


Listing extras are as below;

  1. Bid Reserve                                 40 Naira
  2. Extra Image                                 20 Naira each (first five images are free)
  3. Accept Offer                                20 Naira each
  4. Bold Title                                  30 Naira
  5. Highlight in search result                  50 Naira
  6. Feature on Home page                        100 Naira




On eBoso

Our after sales commission on the platform is 0% (Now)         3% (From 1st July)

in Store           Now        From 1st July

Basic              0%         3%

Classic            0%         3%

Magic              0%         2%

Elastic            0%         2%

Other Fees

eBoso  may charge a fee for any extra facility required during listing (the fees will appear in red text).


Price Changes

Any review of prices and rates will be done with a prior thirty days notification.





Selling on the platform

If you sell on the platform, you will automatically have a custom page url as below; www.eboso.com/myeboso/yourID

Your platform url can be shared with your potential and regular customers to easily reach you.



Selling in Store

Every seller on eBoso can customize their store with a suitable header and background banner. The can also create a custom url: www.eboso.com/yourstorename


Your url can be used as your access point for your store exclusive customers.


The Store:

Every store on eBoso have the following characteristics

  • Able to be listed featured on home page
  • Maximum listing capacity
  • Custom URL
  • Monthly Subscription


Sellers can list according to the size and capacity of their store. In order to successfully list an item on in a store, the sellers must subscribe for a store package and pay (when applicable) the monthly subscription. This is regularly deductable from the seller's wallet.


The store subscription rates are as follows;

Store                 Capacity                    Subscription   

Basic.                20 items                    Free  

Classic               200 items                   200 Naira

Magic                 2,000 items                 1000 Naira

Elastic               20,000 items                5000 Naira


Buyer's Protection

All eBoso buyers are assured of 100% money back guarantee as long as they comply with the buying condition on eBoso.




Buying conditions (All items)

Prior to buying any item, a buyer must read and understand each item’s description fully, including the return policy period, and the shipping and the cost.


The BUY or the ADD TO CART button is used to express your willingness to purchase an item at the displayed amount under BUY option only.


Placing a BID on an item mean that you are expressing your absolute commitment to buy such product if/when you win it. It is believed that you have willingly entered into a binding contract to buy the item.

eBoso is NOT the custodian of the items sold on its platform/stores and as such does not transfer ownership of goods from seller to buyer.


Making Offer:

Making an offer for an item mean that you are expressing your willingness to commit to buy such item as soon as the seller accept your proposed offer.


Seller's Protection

All eBoso sellers are assured of 100% money back guarantee as long as they comply with the selling condition on eBoso.


Returns Policy

The seller determines duration for returns for listed items, these ranges from Zero policy (no return), one day, three days, seven days, fourteen days and thirty days and payments are made to a seller after the expiration of the set return days.

When an item is delivered, the seller and buyer will be notified on eBoso, if the buyer does not acknowledge receipt of the product, eBoso will automatically trigger the release of payment to the seller after the elapsing of the return policy duration.


Money Back Guarantee

In order to enhance the confidence of buyers, eBoso will ensure sales are done smoothly. If a seller list a product and a buyer make purchase, the money paid will remain with eBoso until the item has been delivered and the return policy period lapses.


Thereafter eBoso will transfer the money to the seller. If the buyer exercises his or right within the allowed period and asks for a refund and the seller authorizes the release of such money back to buyer once they have received the returned item.


Once this is completed between the two parties, eBoso will return the money back to the wallet of the buyer.

eBoso reserves the right to suspend the eBoso money back guarantee either partly or in full if we have any reason to suspect interference or abuse of the policy.


Dispute and Policy Enforcement

In the event of dispute between a buyer and seller, eBoso will apply objective intervention in the best interest of both parties while considering the peculiarity of the circumstance and the user’s historical performance.



Every registered member who wishes to carry out transactions on eBoso is expected to do so through their eBoso wallet.

Any person who wishes to withdraw or add money to and from their wallet may be able to do so but appropriate charges will apply.



eBoso will NOT be liable for any kind of losses, be it incidental or consequential arising from or associated with the use of the wallet


Applicable Law

Any breach of these terms and conditions or any part thereof

You agree that, except to the extent inconsistent with or preempted by federal law, the laws of the State of Lagos, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern the


Agreement to Arbitrate

All disputes, controversies or claims due to this terms and agreement shall be referred to and handled by a private arbitrator with absolute confidentiality, to be held in English language and governed by Nigerian law according to arbitration and conciliation cap A18 laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2004, as amended, replaced or re-enacted from time to time.


Future Amendments to the Agreement to Arbitrate

Notwithstanding any provision in the User Agreement to the contrary, you and we agree that if we make any amendment to this Agreement to Arbitrate (other than an amendment to any notice address or site link provided herein) in the future, that amendment shall not apply to any claim that was filed in a legal proceeding against eBoso prior to the effective date of the amendment.