Delivering items to buyers is a very important part of eBoso transaction process, and are therefore taking very seriously. On the one hand, seller can send items to buyers through courier or mail services that can be tracked (if using "Self fulfiment option"). Sellers ising the Self fulfilment will take responsibility for providing an effective and trackable (with tracking) service to safely deliver items to buyers and must ensure they collect their money before letting the buyer take the items away (example: may ask that they give item to their colleague or drop it in their car and then take you to an ATM to get money for you, you must receive your money before letting your item go)


Conclusion on posted items:

Seller will lost their claim if buyer refuses to acknowledge the receipt of item and they have no proof of delivery, on the other hand; buyers will lost their claim if item is prooved to be delivered to your provided address (regardless of who sign for it).

Note to Buyer: Buyer must understand the following as listed below when selecting delivery option.

Type                      Description                       

Pick-Up                   Buyer will collect item (from seller's address) once WON or Purchased

Local                     Postage within the Seller's state

Other States              Postage to States in Nigeria other than the seller's state

International             Postage to Outside Nigeria

Fee for each type of postage & delivery is decided by seller not eBoso.



For items being Picked up by buyer, the receiver must provide the seller with a pick up code displayed on the item buying page, seller must enter thecode in the item pick up pop-up before release item to buyer. Failure to enter the code or ensure you have the right code before the buyer walk away with the item will amount to non-delivery and the buyer will be entitled to a full refund.


eBoso Delivery

For items being delievered through eBoso courier partners, all drop off must be made between 9.00am to 1.00pm everyday. Any drop off made after 1.00pm may be rejected or treated as a next working day recieved item.

Both items delivered through eBoso partners and through seller's self fulfilment are charged at the same rate to regulate shipping princing on