Cancelling Purchase

Once you purchase an item (The seller will arrange to post the item to you as soon as they can confirm the sale).

But, If after Winnning an auction (BID) or an offer has been accepted by seller you wish to change your mind, cancelling such order is treated as a termination of purchase agreement and can only be done if both parties agree to cancel the transaction. Either of the parties (Seller or Buyer) can initiate a transaction cancellation by accesssing the selling tab;
(From Buyer's view - If you wish to cancel the purchase as a buyer), you must follow the steps as listed below;

1. Select the buying tab to access the item you wish you cancel.
(If item is already paid before cancellation, you will be able to see the item under the "Bought" tab instead, please ensure you contact the seller before you attempt cancelling an item paid for to ascertain their cooperation)

2. Select "cancel transaction" (the transaction will be cancelled once the seller accept the cancellation offer)

Note: If you cancel a transaction from your end, you seller will be able to leave a feedback on your profile, but you will not be able to leave a feedback for them as you are seen to have broken the purchase agreement. Such feedback may be negative.