About us

eBoso Incorporation (also known as "eBoso"): meaning "easy-buy-or-sell-online"; is a British multinational e-commerce company, providing consumer to consumer and business to consumer marketplace services through the internet. Its headquarters is  in Sunderland, North East of England. Founded by Bukola Ogundipe in 2011, eBoso has taken its fair share of time researching its competitors and building a platform that will meet all customers need from Europe and throughout the global marketplace.

The company has recently launched its Africa chapter in Nigeria, the highest internet penetration rate in Africa.

eBoso provide an online auction platform and an emarketplace for businesses and individuals to have direct access to one another.

eBoso promises never to charge its seller more than 3% (after sale commission) in any country for the next 5years. Listing on the platform is free for all buyers, but sellers may be charged between 0-3% on items sold only, sellers can also create own store with custom URL, store subscrition fee may apply.

eBoso Sellers can

List up items with features to promote quick sale, this include but are not limited;

        Feature items on homepage (for a fee)

        Highlight items amongst search results (for a fee)

        Bold item title (for a fee)

        Allow regular "sale", so buyers can simply click "BUY" at the set price

        Accept offers from potential buyer

        Set a minimum offer you wish to accept

        Allow items to go into "Auction", so buyers can click "BID" to place a BID

        Set Bid Reserve [If you are worried item may sell less than you desire]

eBoso Buyers can

        Watch Items they are looking to buy

        Buy an item using any of Seller preferred selling options

        Use regular BUY button

        Use BID button to bid on Items and grab a bargain

        Make Offers to seller as deemed reasonable 

eBoso users (Buyers and Sellers) have Sellers and Buyers Protection, therefore ensuring no one looses, on eBoso, it's always a WIN, WIN.

Start selling and buying with confidence.


eBoso - easy Buy or Sell online.